Your Treatments for Depression

Don’t beat yourself up if you are looking for a treatment for depression.

Depression a pretty amazing indicator that there is something wrong with what we are doing in the world. Depression is a world problem felt at the individual level where you feel alone and miserable.

Have you got 10 minutes to spare?
Just for this moment list 3-4 things that you are angry about…even slightly angry.
Just for this moment connect with the idea that often depression is anger not expressed.

With your dominant hand write the question… What am I angry about?
Use your non dominant had to write the answer…just write what immediately comes to mind.

Spend about 10 minutes on this. You can read what you have written or just toss the paper in the bin knowing that you have spent some time moving the blocked energy of depression.

Today more and more people are suffering from the toxic overload of stress which is labelled depression.

Little wonder when stress is from anywhere and everywhere. From the water your drink and the plastic bottle you are drinking from. From the commercially grown fruits and veges with cocktails of growth enhancement products to the fried fish and chips you have on Friday nights- can you believe those chips which you have loved since you were a kid are no good for you?  From the suppresssed emotions when dealing with many relationships to the stress from rushing for all your commitments. From all the bad news and messages we get from the news, our families, our world.

A quiet, hidden and often ignored condition is that of pyphoria. Pyphoria hides under many diagnosed symptoms, depression being one.

Pyphoria is a liver and blood disease where the heme molecule is either depleted or damaged.It is often undiagnosed and fits into the reportedly rare category when, in fact it quietly presents as common conditions and so this lends itself to possible ineffective treatments.
While the heme molecule is familiar to you as hemoglobin the carrier of oxygen, the heme molecule is also part of the structure of an enzyme Cytochrome P450 which is found throughout the body cells and in larger quantities in the liver.

If you have a problem with CYP450 you may present with a variety of problems ranging from depression, allergies, anemia, attention deficit. You may become angry after drinking coffee, alcohol and generally not cope well with stress. you may have a skin reaction as your liver and kidneys struggle with toxic overload.You may struggle with your weight as hormones and toxins are recycled.

A diet devoid of caffeine, alcohol, gluten, sugar and preservative will help to reduce the toxic overload that someone with porphyria is sensitive.

Dr Stephen Rochiltz has brilliantly researched this area and has books available through

Simple Life Changes for Depression

1. Check your zinc levels – there is a Zinc Drink test which you hold in your mouth for a few seconds and if you taste nothing you may need to supplement with Zinc. Follow the directions on the bottle or check with your Naturopath or Kinesiologist.

2. Got the zinc under control, magnesium is often low. An easy way to take Magnesium is to use the transdermal cream and rub it on some big muscles. You can also just soak in a bath of Magnesium flakes, Magnesium Chloride is the ultimate but I have used Epsom Salts. Dr Norm Shealey has been kind enough to help develop an understanding of the critical importance of magnesium.

3. Vitamin B complex with particular attention to B12. You need a healthy gut to be able to absorb your vitamins and minerals. The stomach produces Hydrochloric acid to break down the food you eat. Rub between your eyebrows and the point on your left of your sternum on your rib to promote the production of the HCL. Meats eggs and dairy are a source of B12

4. To work on your belief patterns which have contributed to your self esteem plummeting, have a go at the very popular Emotional Freedom Tapping. Use a statement as simple as Even though I feel like crap I deeply and completely accept myself.

5. Exercise to burn up the extra stress hormones and release the feel good hormones.

6. Drink plenty of filtered water –  so much crap in the tap water that adds stress burden on your liver and kidneys – we are about 75% water so keep yourself hydrated.

7. Check your pH level that is are you more acidic than is good for you?  Grab the pH strips from the chemist and find out your level. The wonderful lemon although sour and acid actually alkalises your body so that all your cells can function more efficiently. Work up to a lemon or maybe two a day, try the juice with hot water.

8. No sugar!!!!!!!! DEFINITELY NO ARTIFICAL SWEETENERS. Do yourself a huge favour and acquire a taste for Stevia and Xylitol.

9. Probiotics –  a course or two will help establish and nuture the healthy bacteria in your Intestines and a healthy gut is part of a complete health program,

10. Replace your wheat and rice with Buckwheat and quinoa.(ie replace monocots with dicots) Both are easy to digest and give your body energy as opposed to using your energy for a long digestive process. Wheat and rice create inflammation in your small intestine and actually use your body’s energy for digestion. Watch out for the gimmicky gluten free foods and check the sugar levels – how disappointing to find out afterall that marshmallows are not good for you when they are gluten free.

11. Thank yourself for taking care of yourself. Give yourself the time to feel some changes and let others know what has worked.

12 BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, seal your lips and breathe in and out of your nose. Take it easy and in your own pace, breathe deeper.
Change the breathing style, breathe in deeply, imagine the breath reaching your tailbone or your toes, tongue still on the roof of your mouth, now breathe out with a sigh

12. The answer to most of our problems is under our nose so breathe, breathe and breathe. The most available anti oxidant is the air you breathe. Express gratitude for that little pearl in our lives.

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