Passionate about the benefits of Kinesiology and the aim of John Thie, developer of Touch for Health to have as many families understand TFH and have it in the family first aid kit at home to use , Narelle offers courses in the following areas:

Touch for Health 1-4

Touch for Health Workshops which are taught in over 80 countries and are an excellent way to become aware of the extraordinary healing abilities of the body and improve family health. Touch for Health workshops empower the family and so support the emotional well being of our wonderful farming communities.

Touch For Health Information

Narelle is a qualified Touch for Health facilitator who offers workshops to indivduals and groups and travels all over Queensland to delivering this workshop.

First Opinion Workshop

A popular Workshop is the First Opinion Workshop which introduces strategies so that parents can check the energy levels of their children to help children thrive. This is a wonderful way to understand how energy and energy blockages can effect your child’s health. With increased awareness parents are able to feel more confident about bringing up their families.


Please contact Narelle on 0437347956 for further information on upcoming Workshops.



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