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Wow to hear that cancer is a process not a disease is enough to encourage us to have a second look at how we can empower ourselves to work with the body’s innate healing ability. Cancer cells love sugar or rather glucose and do not like oxygen. To get oxygen into your cells you need magnesium and calcium. So take a deep breath, hold and exhale. Find your favourite way of getting your heart pumping more oxygen around your body. With depleted soils low magnesium levels are very common, try the magnesium sprays and gels for quick absorption and faster results. Cancer cells don’t like heat.

While some cancer cells appear to run wild, pushed into a corner and switch on to replicate, others are just trying to clean up a bit of mess in a weakened area of the body.

“The Psychology of Eating acknowledges what we’ve known all along and deep inside – that human beings are more than just a collection of chemicals, and food is more than the sum total of its’ vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients.

When it comes to eating, we are creatures of life, love, pleasure, community and celebration. And our metabolism is driven not only by the chemistry of our cells, but by the depth of our psyche, the stories of our heart, and our dreams for the world.”

—Marc David, host of the Eating Psychology Virtual Conference

As useful sites are researched they will be added to this page.

Breast Cancer This site is a refreshing and supportive insight into Breast Cancer by a Health Practitioner who cured herself of breast cancer and is passionate about enabling other women to become part of their own healing process.

Soothing your Small Intestine
Your child’s grumpiness may be a symptom of an unhappy small intestine which is allowing larger food molecules to hit the blood stream. This contributes to a number of inflammatory responses and toxin build up in the body. Inflammatory brain response resulting in inflammatory behaviour. Then you are pulling your hair out….and your child is really asking you for help.

Get rid of wheat …. try buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa available in your supermarket.

Probiotics …..give the good bacteria a chance to get rid of toxins – take just before bed.

Please check the vitamin B levels in particular B12. Low B12 contributes to a wide variety of diseases and syndromes. In fact many conditions are really an undiagnosed B12 deficiency.

Natural products – rethink your toothpaste and coax the kids to gargle with himalayan sea salt, use dental floss and brush with a paste of sodium bicarbonate. Exercise your tongue by moving it in and around your teeth and gums. Exercising your tongue in the way it was designed to work also improves your facial tone.

Make bathtime a soak in magnesium chloride or epsom salts (magnesium sulphate as magnesium is a great pain reliever! Some people use magnesium in place of paracetemol.

Milk – we could drink it until the cows come home but how congested so we get? Goats milk, rice milk could be your replacement. Try plain yoghurt with a little water on quinoa porridge.

Check this site for the very soothing, intestinal nurturing chicken and pumpkin soup.

Chia seeds are a great anti-inflammatory, soak and add a green vege powder for a quick me up. If you are a busy mum, have this drink daily to help keep your energy levels up.

Use Xylitol instead of sugar and it soothes the intestinal walls and is good for your gums.

Find what works for you and start with the changes that suit you. Give yourself some time and make more changes

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