More about Kinesiology

Kinesiology simply helps you to use your body’s innate intelligence so you can have a great life.

Back in 1973, John Thie introduced kinesiology to the world with a wonderful course=Touch for Health – as a tool for every family to help live a healthier, happier life.
Some of the techniques are already known to you…the self care touches you do naturally.
Holding the forehead or frontal cortex whilst thinking or trying to remember what is on the tip of your tongue, your spelling word or telephone number.
Holding the front and back of your head and breathing deeply when you have experienced shock.
That simple technique improves blood flow and nutrition to the cortex so it can do its job of finding a neurological solution.

Everyday living creates our experiences and self identity.
At school we get mixed messages about how smart we are or not, family friends and society tell us if we are good or bad, clever or important or not.
The central nervous system takes on all this information and if necessary the hypothalamus instructs glands and hormones to come to our defence.. the adrenaline and cortisol starts pumping… and that is how most of us live our lives, survival at all costs.
However those behaviours which assured us of survival- whether mental, emotional or physical survival- can be turned into our reactive response to stress and we become locked into survival mode to protect the brain.
The brain’s neurology fires time and time again to really cement that instant automatic nervous system reaction to stress.
Kinesiology is a tool which allows us to work with the plasticity of the brain to rewire the neural pathways so we can move out of stress reaction and live a more fulfilled life.
Age doesn’t matter. Take the stress away from learning and learn easily, take the stress away from those limiting emotions and beliefs to enjoy living more. The brain is then rewiring for living.

Kinesiology uses gentle techniques which combine the ancient traditions of acupressure meridian channels with the western understanding of brain integration, lymphatic points, neurovascular points, nutrition, energising nutrition, inflammatory nutrition(!!!???) natural polarity of the body, immune system development and positive counselling techniques to locate and move the blockages. You will have more energy for living when your body no longer need energy for locked in survival patterns.
We now know that we are simply using the magic of the brain and the body.

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