Gluten Free

Gluten free is not a sentence, it is an opportunity for healthy, enjoyable eating.

“The Psychology of Eating acknowledges what we’ve known all along and deep inside – that human beings are more than just a collection of chemicals, and food is more than the sum total of its’ vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients.

When it comes to eating, we are creatures of life, love, pleasure, community and celebration. And our metabolism is driven not only by the chemistry of our cells, but by the depth of our psyche, the stories of our heart, and our dreams for the world.”

—Marc David, host of the Eating Psychology Virtual Conference

Food should be life enhancing and good for you, these foods are biogenic and give your body energy to live and have fun. Nutrient dense foods added to your diet along with good fats help your body to feel satiated. Interestingly, when you are feeling hungry you may actually be calling out for water rather than food. Keep hydrated.

Clever marketing however, has dulled us into accepting pretty packaging and convenience claims to create habits of eating foods that are either biocidic-harmful or biostatic – not harmful but no nutritional value so act as fillers.These foods are toxic to our bodies causing inflammation of the brain and other organs.

Your body has to use its energy to digest these foods.

Kinesiology testing can help you work out the foods which are biogenic or biostatic and avoid the biocidic foods. Also become aware of your reaction to food. Does you pulse increase after ingesting? This is an indicator that something you are eating or drinking is stressing your body so your energy work overtime

Life enhancing foods use this as a basis for a convenient diet and go on to discover your own delcious energy giving recipes.
Why waste time eating food that uses up your available energy?

Enrich your diet with vegetables, fruits and organic grass fed meats.
Avoid cereals and use pseudocereals spraringly
Choose Pseudocereal grasses which are dicots rather than cereal/grasses which are monocots (wheat spelt barley oats rye teff (love grass) corn, rice, wild rice.

Gogi Berries – eat straight out of the packet, preferably before noon. As you become used to them you will eat more and more. Take the time to introduce this convenient fruit.
Acai Berries
Buckwheat (related to rhubarb)buckwheat is a dicot and pseudocereal.Use in breads and pastas
Quinoa (Keenwah) (wash before using) related to spinach, is a dicot and pseudocereal – a porridge rice substitute
Amaranth related to pigweed, is a dicot and pseudocereal
Chia Seeds remember to wash and soak the chia seeds dicot and pseudocereal- add to salads and drinks, try chia biscuits – kids love them
Kale great to add to stir fry or try massaged kale by rubbing fresh kale with lemon and oil until it is soft and ready to be the delicious kale and pomegranate salad.
Carob great for cooking and drinks

Cacoa and coconut
Xylitol a sweetener which nourishes
Himalayan Salt

Listed below is a link to suggested foods for kids… some of these foods may cause inflammation for children with sensitive DNA structure so it is important to test to see if a particular food is actually life giving.

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