Single Session @ $95           

Wellness Package  @ $80 a session  Make Kinesiology part of your health and wellness program –

Tele- Health Session @ $80 –  perfect if you can not get to clinic and after hours-

LearningBalance Session For Your Children  – first session is complimentary –  Check 1 to see if retained primitive reflexes are interfering with learning.   Check 2 for individual stress reactions to different learning areas- eg a stress reaction to reading makes reading more difficult as the brain operates from the back left brain lobe. For learning to happen the frontal cortex must be activated otherwise learning blocks may occur. As a Learning Support teacher I appreciate the difference Kinesiology makes in a child’s emotional and intellectual progress at school.                                                                                                                                          The Learning Balance session checks for stresses around literacy, reading, spelling and numeracy. Gentle techniques are used to remove the stress reactions. A year 11 student came to me with ongoing  problems with Maths – a stress reaction around the number 7 was identified and defused, the problems with Maths went away. When you are doing Maths, the number 7 would come up often putting the student into stress mode, meaning that the problem solving front brain was not activated and that the student was working with a survival bacK left lobe.

Kinesiology sessions are naturally individualised. We all react to stress in our own unique way.                      A Kinesiology session will work with your priority stress at the moment to assist you to move your body onto its Line of Cure.                                                                                                                                                  Once on the body’s own line of cure your body is in a better position to heal and naturally work with your stresses.

Choose from the following packages to start your journey to wellness.

Each Special Package requires your commitment to self for a minimum of 3 visits…

1. INTENTIONAL HEALING works to transform conscious intentions into subconscious intentions and create new habits and behaviours

2. LEARNING BOOST to improve brain integration making learning easier. Getting the left and right, back and front sides of your brain communicating

3. BEHAVIOUR SETTLER to identify contributing factors of reactive emotional and physical behaviours –  Nervous System Integrity, Primitive Reflexes, Allergies

4. EMOTIONAL STRESS RELEASE to move emotional blockages and develop neural pathways for greater emotional intelligence, emotional resilience and increase your ability to live a fulfilled life….break those limiting behaviour patterns that keep you in survival and not thriving.

5. HEALTHY RECUPERATION to guide and support your body’s recuperation levels for pre and post surgery.

6. BODY MIND INTEGRATION neurologically connect your body and mind to ensure that all sensory messages are correctly relayed to the brain…stress and trauma lock us into survival patterns which exhaust us…increase your energy for life

7.HORMONE HARMONY Hormones control your emotions and physical health. Improve the communication between your nervous systems, glands, organs and emotions.

8. SKYPE ZOOM CONSULTATIONS Improve your energy and emotions without leaving home. The wonder of quantum science and the laws of energy allow Narelle to work with you and related stresses to improve your wellbeing.

SESSION TIMES – Allow yourself 45 mins to 1 hour for your session …


This depends on you. An initial 3-4 balance sessions followed by regular maintenance sessions are recommended to keep physical, mental and emotional alignment and balance.

Will Kinesiology benefit me?

Are taking an active role in your health care?

Do you want to be more responsible for your health?

Are you looking for help with dyslexia or ADD?

Are you emotionally drained and need a little or lot of get up and go?

Do you have aches and pains that just don’t go away?

If you are wanting a more efficient immune system so you are functioning better to cope with the latest virus.

If you would like to identify foods and non foods that you may be sensitive or allergic to.

Could you be nicer to yourself and kinder to the world and feel like you are in the wrong place.

If you are not feeling the 100 % you would like to feel, kinesiology may assist to find out what is blocking you and help you develop a plan for greater quality of life.

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