Easy Learning


Fidgeting, lack of concentration, frustration, poor auditory and visual processing, underdeveloped gross and fine motor skills, can be indicators that there is scrambling in the brain making learning difficult. This can be caused by brain body disconnection, allergies, accidents, nutrition. With so many stresses in our lives, the role of the teacher is even more crucial than ever.

Kinesiology exercises aim to improve brain integration of students allowing greater success using specific intelligences and individual strengths….. and an improved self-concept.

It doesn’t matter how wonderful the curriculum is or how fantastic the teacher is, if the left and right brain hemispheres are not communicating, if the frontal cortex is not engaged, learning is difficult.

Switching on the brain helps the individual to learn. Finding blockages in the human energy system can make a world of difference.

1. Drink more water not only to help the body get rid of toxins but to fire up neural responses. Dehydration is an issue for most and we often don’t know.
2. Get the eyes moving – keeping head still move eyes in a lazy 8 fashion from left up to right down, the right up and left down. The eye muscles switch on different parts of the brain. Nb this can be painful so take it easy.
3. Rubbing learning buttons just under the collar bone, either side of the sternum – improving energy flow in the kidney meridian
4. Rubbing above and below the lips stimulating flow of energy up the Governing and Central meridians, more energy to the brain and up through the spine
5. Sacral Rock – sitting on the floor rock gently forward and backwards – this stimulates the flow of cerebral spinal fluid which nourishes the brain

Brain Gym in the Classroom -Brendan O’Hara http://www.braingym.com.au
Smart Moves – Why Learning is not all in your head Carla Hannaford a Neurophysiologist and educator brings the latest insights from scientific research to questions that affect learners of all ages.
The Brain that Changes itself Dr Norman Doidge http://www.normandoidge.com

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