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Where Women Are….how your teeth reflect your emotional journey.

If you are in your 50’s or 60’s you are probably having more trips to the dentist than before. All the childhood traumas of invasive dentistry are being reactivated as you prepare for yet another fix it routine for weakened teeth. Just when you… Continue Reading “Where Women Are….how your teeth reflect your emotional journey.”

The Spectrum

So much talk about this brain inflammatory condition. Recognising that any of the conditions on the autistic spectrum have a presenting symptom of inflammation gives you some direction….a starting point to reduce inflammation to improve quality of life, learning and behaviour. We have two… Continue Reading “The Spectrum”


The intent of the immunisation schedules recommended by health authorities is to support the immune system and nudge it into awareness of invading microbes, creating a gentle inflammatory response rather than going through the process of a more debilitating response. Inflammation is the only… Continue Reading “Immunisation”


Setting a good intention can be swayed by our life experiences and limiting belief patterns which have become the habits of our living. Those belief patterns that you actually know or feel are not right for you but you have got anyway from protective… Continue Reading “INTENTIONAL HEALTH”

Anti-inflammatory Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are now a recognised glamour food. It is an amazing super food. Eating seeds which give you so much energy is the perfect antidote for the stresses of today…your cellular membranes love the essential fatty acids, the mitochondria get busy with the… Continue Reading “Anti-inflammatory Chia Pudding”

Helping a friend with cancer

Ready for a new day. Could it be time to introduce magnesium and the Bidkin breakfast. Let your instinct be your guide as there is some amazing info on working with cancer cells out of control. Time to starve them of glucose, get more… Continue Reading “Helping a friend with cancer”