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How to have a happy baby

A relaxed mum is important but sometimes that seems impossible. Can you give yourself ten minutes for you? Breathe in slowly and let the air help your belly expand. Hold the breath as long as possible and then exhale slowly and hold before your… Continue Reading “How to have a happy baby”

Why do I see things differently to others

Look at the dancing lady – which way is she turning? As your brain switches from left hemisphere to right hemisphere she changes direction. Try this with a friend ….. and notice when you see the same thing or the opposite. We all have… Continue Reading “Why do I see things differently to others”

what to do with my angry child

How to manage a childs’ anger The first seven years of our life is  the formation time of our survival behaviours which we take into our adult years. These are learned behaviours and belief patterns which  should give you the strength confidence and resilience… Continue Reading “what to do with my angry child”

ZINC essential mineral

Zinc is an essential mineral for growth and development. A deficiency in zinc can effect your energy levels and the uptake of other essential minerals resulting in compromised health and healing. Interestingly there are high levels of zinc in the hippocampus which is involved… Continue Reading “ZINC essential mineral”


Iron levels down …….could be the result of a couple of different overlooked issues. When your red blood cells are out of balance life giving oxygen is not being distributed as efficiently as needed; 4 molecules of oxygen bind with one red blood cell.… Continue Reading “Anemia”

Sibling Rivalry -position in the family

The family is the stamping ground for cooperation and social skills. But what if you are the youngest in the family and the big brothers or sisters are allowed to do things that you are not allowed to? Actually it is more of a… Continue Reading “Sibling Rivalry -position in the family”