Where Women Are….how your teeth reflect your emotional journey.

If you are in your 50’s or 60’s you are probably having more trips to the dentist than before. All the childhood traumas of invasive dentistry are being reactivated as you prepare for yet another fix it routine for weakened teeth.

Just when you thought you could take another direction in life dental issues pop up. You have been an amazing mother, wife/partner, work colleague in a time of liberation and superb marketing controlling your destiny.

How did you get to be spending so much time in the chair? A gentle ride these days but your memory clicks back to the manual pumped chair taking your to a place where pain was inflicted and your mum thanked the dentist for his work!!!

You have been the liberated woman, held down a responsible job, responsibly, ignoring the corporate politics which goes with every organisation. Turning up when you are your death bed for your take your sickies to tend to your children. You have ferried your children to every bum fight, school event, kid event you could just to prove that you are a good mum. You have tended to numerous bouts of man flu which makes it impossible for your partner to be there the 100% 


Thanks Germainne Greer for changing the group consciousness 

The Spectrum

So much talk about this brain inflammatory condition.

Recognising that any of the conditions on the autistic spectrum have a presenting symptom of inflammation gives you some direction….a starting point to reduce inflammation to improve quality of life, learning and behaviour.

We have two nervous systems, the Central nervous system and the Enteric Nervous system which is our gut.
The Enteric Nervous system requires a healthy gut to do its job. The enteric nervous system releases 90% of the feel good hormone serotonin and if we are not getting that we are not feeling too good.

As parents you may be called upon to trust your intuition when you sense that something more is effecting your child’s emotional behaviour.  CEASE Therapy provides support and guidance to help parents of children who have autism.

A quiet, hidden and often ignored condition is that of porphyria.

Porphyria is a liver and blood disease where the heme molecule is either depleted or damaged.It is often undiagnosed and fits into the reportedly rare category when, in fact it quietly presents as common conditions and so this lends itself to possible ineffective treatments.

While the heme molecule is familiar to you as hemoglobin the carrier of oxygen, the heme molecule is also part of the structure of an enzyme Cytochrome P450 which is found throughout the body cells and in larger quantities in the liver.

If you have a problem with CYP450 you may present with a variety of problems ranging from depression, allergies, anemia, attention deficit. You may become angry after drinking coffee, alcohol and generally not cope well with stress. you may have a skin reaction as your liver and kidneys struggle with toxic overload.You may struggle with your weight as hormones and toxins are recycled. A diet devoid of caffeine, alcohol, gluten, preservative will help to reduce the toxic overload that someone with porphyria is sensitive.

To help you can add lifestyle changes to clean up the gut.


The intent of the immunisation schedules recommended by health authorities is to support the immune system and nudge it into awareness of invading microbes, creating a gentle inflammatory response rather than going through the process of a more debilitating response.

Inflammation is the only way the body can respond to cuts, bruises, toxins – an amazing immediate response generated by the intelligent body.

Knowing that the immunisation process will activate the immune system it is a healthy idea to support the immune system. Quite often we do not know when the immune system is going to be called on to work.

With the immunisation schedule you know when the immune system is going to be demanded to work.
In preparation for the onslaught on the immune system, Vitamin C and zinc are the guys to help the immune system. For nursing mothers increased regular supplementing may assist in developing the child’s reaction response. Placing a small amount of Vit c from one of the fruit powders for 2-3 days before and after the immunisation. Ask your medical practitioner for more advice
Both Chinese and Indian medicine have herbal mixtures to support the immune system. Your local pharmacist has Echinacea a well known herb for immune support.

Meridian System
The body has neurovascular points and meridian points which support the immune system.
Tap gently between the eyebrows to get more energy to the pituitary gland – the organising gland of the body.
Tap the point or general area under the armpit on the side of the body this is Spleen 21.
Tap the points under collar bones these are the Kidney 27s.
Tap the sternum which runs down the middle of the rib cage,as the Thymus is tucked away under there and the gentle tapping stimulates the thymus.
This can be done regularly and could be included in the bath bed routine.
If there are signs of distress and high fever the aim is to relieve the stress and support the temperature.
While a high temperature is an indicator that the immune system is working, sustained high temperature may need a health practitioners’ support. With any worries please seek immediate advice from your doctor.
Relax into a tepid bath with eucalyptus oil, massage with olive,hemp or avocado oil with essenial oils lavender and eucalyptus oil… there is an increasing body of evidence to avoid over the counter pain relief as there is some confusion over the side effects of these products in relation to the vaccines.
Recent research has identified a protein in wheat which is exactly the same structure as a pertussis molecule. Following vaccination the immune system is ready to attack this molecule. Eating wheat causes the same inflammatory response. This is a possible reason for reactions to immunisation.


Setting a good intention can be swayed by our life experiences and limiting belief patterns which have become the habits of our living. Those belief patterns that you actually know or feel are not right for you but you have got anyway from protective parents and criticising communities and all in those first seven years of your gifted and miraculous life.

So… Setting an intention to achieve a “thing” you want in life is not always that easy. when those niggly habit forming belief patterns keep popping up. To everyone else you look Ok, or maybe you look crazy…. either way we are all on the same spectrum of living life to our best.

The Intentional Health Program helps you to create changes in your life by:-
Identifying and releasing limiting belief patterns and creating new neural pathways in the brain for supportive belief patterns,
Resolving emotional conflict held in your body,
Aligning muscles to create a balanced posture to be able to move forward in the direction of your life
Connecting your body and mind to step into your “flow” so everyday is fully lived and appreciated.
Connecting your body with your body- sometimes we forget that our body is th only place we have to live..Thankyou Green Moustache

So everyday you have more energy to enjoy and thrive.
More energy to be empowered softly.

To be the gentle mentor for you family and friends.

Have a beautiful day. Thankyou x

Anti-inflammatory Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are now a recognised glamour food. It is an amazing super food.

Eating seeds which give you so much energy is the perfect antidote for the stresses of today…your cellular membranes love the essential fatty acids, the mitochondria get busy with the super fuels. Your cells are able to clean out the crap and breathe easier.

The brain sighs with relief…it is less inflamed. Your cells are less inflammed. Your emotions are less inflammed. Your behaviour is less inflammed. Your organs, muscles and bones are less inflammed.

270ml Coconut Cream (for me this is one tin of pure coconut cream with no additives)
150ml coconut water —a little bit more than half a tin- you may like the pudding lighter so add more coconut water.
100gm chia seeds
1 tp xylitol …… healing for intestinal wall and gums
1/2 tsp himalyan salt (not regular salt)
2 tablespoons raw organic cocao
1/3 teaspoon TUMERIC……..front page anti inflammatory herb
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla
1 teaspoon coconut flakes
Your fruit optional

Mix this all together in an airtight glass jar.
Perfect for a chocolate/sugar fix.
Place in fridge for 30 mins.

Many thanks to the wonderful Lucas and great footballer for helping me make the perfect Chia Pudding. Lucas recommends adding blueberry and banana….great for before and after football training.
Have fun adding your favourite fruits to make this your signature dish..perfect for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea after school or before bed. Go for it..go Chia

Helping a friend with cancer

Ready for a new day.

Could it be time to introduce magnesium and the Bidkin breakfast. Let your instinct be your guide as there is some amazing info on working with cancer cells out of control. Time to starve them of glucose, get more oxygen into each cell and alkalise your body.

Lemon juice followed by  sodium bicarb about 20 minutes later is a pretty easy way to get the alkalising going…there is a rule with the lemon rinse your mouth out and donot clean for a least 20 mins as this wrecks your tooth enamel and you don’t need dental bills and doctor bills
To get oxygen into and the crap out of cells each cell needs a healthy cellular membrane so that is why essential fatty acids are important, olive oil, avocado oil, avocado, sesame oil, black seed, nuts particularly brazil nuts.
The mitochondria need to be powered up to keep things moving in the cell so we could check to see if Co enzyme 10 would be handy this enzyme helps to fire up the mitochondria.

Lots of green vegetables raw including lots of fresh herbs- raw veges come with their own enzymes so your enzymes can be used for the healing process rather than digestion dressing with good oil and lemon juice.

Drink vegetable juices home made.
I have a daily drink of vegies, coconut water,  , chia seeds, black sesame seeds, organic Vit C powder from native plum, 1-2 teaspoons of hemp seed teaspoon of turmeric….

Breakfast (Read “The Cancer Solution”).

Dr.Johanna Budwig Mix:

Put in your blender:

1 cup Organic cottage cheese (low fat, not too hard one, best make your own)(or yogurt)
2-5 Tbsp. of flaxseeed oil-
1-3 Tbsp. of freshly ground up flaxseed (coffee grinder ($15) works fine)
enough water to make it soft
little cayenne
little garlic
little red pepper
little champagne???????not sure about that one but this isn’t my recipe and I haven’t been nominated for 7 nobel prizes and I haven’t studied about the yellow crap in your blood when you have cancer

Make it very soft. Some people add blueberries and nuts to this.
Please check this amazing lady out as she explains more on the electrical behaviour of a cell Dr Johanna Budwig
(PS Adjust quantities for your taste !)

I will talk to you later about oil pulling… and also just use for the moment bicarb soda to clean your teeth I do believe that some toothpastes are toxic so you do not need to make your body work harder

Resting for your immune system – soak2-3 times a day in magnesium chloride (Epsom salts if you can’t get hole of magnesium chloride) and bicarb..try a cup of each.

What else? Lots of slow deep breaths visualise the cancer cells shrinking screaming and dying, visualise your life at 65. Become aware of eg. liver and breathe into the liver repeat for each organ with the intention of getting oxygen there.

Take magnesium tablets for pain, there are magnesium oils out there which I use.


Take care xx