Narelle Groat

Narelle is a Toowoomba based Kinesiologist who has combined 30+years of teaching  (Preschool, Primary and Secondary to adults in Vocational Courses) with 20 years of Kinesiology to help her  clients to increase emotional intelligence, improve posture and neurological integration, to improve quality of life and ease of learning.

As a teacher, Narelle’s passion to improve the learning outcomes of all students based on her experience with brain injured children opened the world of holistic health and learning. Using the neurological approach of repetition and extrinsic behaviour reinforcement with children with brain injuries Narelle observed dramatic changes in the children’s cognitive skills and abilities.

Narelle was introduced to Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology as a Learning Support teacher and later successfully adapted these techniques with adult learners who were failed by a the education system as children. The results were amazing. Learning became easier and students met with new success.

Narelle has a Diploma Kinesiology and is registered with the Australian Kinesiology Association.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is about getting your energy flowing through your body. It is a non invasive method of locating stresses and blockages in your body and then using appropriate techniques to unblock the stress. By combining eastern wisdom and western knowledge to use your body’s own innate healing system and the plasticity of your brain to move the stress you will experience greater energy for living and learning.

You know how magnificent your healing powers are when you accidently scratch yourself and your immune system is triggered immediately without any conscious request from you.
Kinesiology helps you to harness that same power for healing in all areas of your life – learning, emotions, physical pain, limiting belief patterns, habitual behaviour…

Kinesiology Modailities which may be used include Neuro Organisational Technique, Healing Principles and Innate Intelligence, Emotional Stress Release, Dissolve Limiting Fears and Beliefs , Retained Primitive Reflexes, Counselling Kinesiology, Brain Formatting including the Enteric Nervous System- the other brain- which is your complete digestive system and responsible for more than 90% of the release of the feel good hormone, serotonin.

Ongoing support which you can include in your daily life is identified so that you have more conscious awareness giving you greater control of the direction of your life.

Develop an appreciation for food as the original medicine for our bodies, as deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can contribute to disease. Kinesiology can help to identify the stresses around  deficiencies eg common deficiencies are zinc, magnesium, Vit B particularly B12.

Tune into the incredible awareness of your own body as to what it needs. Learn to trust yourself to do the right thing for yourself. Kinesiology helps you to be more self aware and self loving so that you can live a life filled with energy and positive beliefs.

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