Why do I see things differently to others

Look at the dancing lady – which way is she turning?


As your brain switches from left hemisphere to right hemisphere she changes direction.

Try this with a friend ….. and notice when you see the same thing or the opposite.

We all have our own point of view and now you can see why. Sometimes we do not operate from the same hemisphere. Another reason to be easy on yourself and others.

We all have our formative conditioning that sets up our belief patterns. Some belief patterns are constructive and add quality and harmony to our lives enabling us to enjoy the opportunities that are in front of us.

We also have limiting beliefs which LIMIT are experience and expression of our self. You know the ones that you picked up in the formative first 7 years when care givers were doing the best they could …. trying to keep your safe, trying to put their values and limitations on you.

In a Kinesiology session a 17 year old boy in his last year of school presented with a stress around school and examines. The balance session identified a stress at 12 months old… not good enough around walking. Mum and Dad were encouraging him to walk and his sensitive soul picked up on not doing things to his best and wow that was how he was seeing life at 17. He was able to move the energetic block around doing his best and felt calmer and less anxious about his final year at school.

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