How to have a happy baby

A relaxed mum is important but sometimes that seems impossible. Can you give yourself ten minutes for you? Breathe in slowly and let the air help your belly expand. Hold the breath as long as possible and then exhale slowly and hold before your next inhale. Try all the following ideas on yourself first and just notice that your body will relax.

Consider what type of birth did you bub have? Babies born by caesarean section do not have the natural turning down of skin sensors which occurs during normal delivery. These bubs often grow up to be a little more sensitive than others and easily rubbed up the wrong way.

What to do…. using both hands gently apply pressure from the top of the head and move to the toes… you are helping to deactivate the skin sensors so that your infant is not overwhelmed by all the sensory stimulation we are bombarded with. You are helping your infant to filter the information coming into the Central Nervous System.

Research has shown that caesar delivered bubs miss out on the starter good bacteria. In recognition of this face the market now abounds with a broad selection of probiotics for brand new bubs and children. Just today the health store Byron Bay Detox sent an update on a children’s probiotic Syntol Kids.

I am attaching the QR Code if you would like to check it out.

Unhappy babies are telling you something is not right. A crying baby ends up in stress mode and there is an autonomic response to stress. The skull armours down to protect the brain, the jaw tightens and the muscles in the feet and legs are getting ready for flight or fight.

What to do …. gently stroke the top of your baby’s head, move from the centre of the head out to the ears, ever so gently to let the body know it is safe. . …… starting in front of the ears gently rub up and over the top of the ear and down to the base of the skull. This is working with the Triple Warmer Meridian and sending the message that you are ok. . ……. don’t forget the feet – rub from the web of each toe onto the top of the foot, do this gently for each toe. Rub under the foot and stroke down the calves from the back of the knee to the ankle.

Holding acupuncture reflex points may help to calm your baby’s energetic system . Hold one hand on your baby’s forehead and with a finger from the other hand gently hold the reflex point above the lip for a minute or so and then do this holding the reflex point just below the bottom lip.

Essential Oils have become popular due to their beneficial qualities of antibacterial and antiviral and stress reducing. Find a pure essential oil with the qualities you want and use a few drops in water and spray in the room

Pure Clean Water – puts less stress on your baby’s detoxification process.

Tips on How to have a happy baby.

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