Sibling Rivalry -position in the family

The family is the stamping ground for cooperation and social skills. But what if you are the youngest in the family and the big brothers or sisters are allowed to do things that you are not allowed to?

Actually it is more of a safety issue with you being 2 or 3, whilst the elder kids in the family are double or triple your age.

When you are 3 and wanting to show the world that you are independent and capable and can and want to do what your 8 year old sister is doing. However your care givers have a different perspective and want to keep you safe so you can’t join in.

It is certainly confusing the mind of a young child.

From this you may develop a belief habit of I’m not good at anything or that I am always excluded. You then take this belief into your adult life and your subconscious mind keeps the belief constantly being reinforced. A childhood message becomes your adult limiting belief.

Ways to deconstruct the limiting beliefs. Brain Integration work used in Kinesiology to change the belief pattern into a more constructive message will have a profound effect on your life.

Family management – as a parent a strategy to help the younger children feel more of an equal is to mark different ages with different experiences. Eg have a three year old climbing tree and then choose another for when you are 5. How about a tandem parachute jump at 15 years and the choice for another jump the next year? Your eldest at 15 will appear a lot older than your youngest at 15. Having age related milestones reminds parents of the developmental progress all the children go through.

More information on sibling rivalry

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