Iron levels down …….could be the result of a couple of different overlooked issues.

When your red blood cells are out of balance life giving oxygen is not being distributed as efficiently as needed; 4 molecules of oxygen bind with one red blood cell.

When you have an infection, bacteria etc you may experience a fever as your body’s immune system sets about to remove the infection.
One of the reasons for the temperature is to hold on to the iron in your body so that the bacteria and viruses are not able to use it.
Bacteria and viruses require iron.
If your iron levels are low could your body be intentionally keeping levels down to help get rid of the bacteria and viruses.
By increasing the number of good bacteria in your body you may signal to the body that it is safe to increase the iron levels in the blood and that the iron won’t be taken by the bacteria and viruses.

Pyphoria is a very commonly  overlooked condition which will make it more difficult to get the iron levels up.
The enteric nervous system – the gut really does need to be working well to help with anemia – so check out the foods that actually stress your body and then give yourself a break from them to allow healing of the gut.

Anemia is a condition which should be taken seriously.

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