Where Women Are….how your teeth reflect your emotional journey.

If you are in your 50’s or 60’s you are probably having more trips to the dentist than before. All the childhood traumas of invasive dentistry are being reactivated as you prepare for yet another fix it routine for weakened teeth.

Just when you thought you could take another direction in life dental issues pop up. You have been an amazing mother, wife/partner, work colleague in a time of liberation and superb marketing controlling your destiny.

How did you get to be spending so much time in the chair? A gentle ride these days but your memory clicks back to the manual pumped chair taking your to a place where pain was inflicted and your mum thanked the dentist for his work!!!

You have been the liberated woman, held down a responsible job, responsibly, ignoring the corporate politics which goes with every organisation. Turning up when you are your death bed for your take your sickies to tend to your children. You have ferried your children to every bum fight, school event, kid event you could just to prove that you are a good mum. You have tended to numerous bouts of man flu which makes it impossible for your partner to be there the 100% 


Thanks Germainne Greer for changing the group consciousness 

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