The intent of the immunisation schedules recommended by health authorities is to support the immune system and nudge it into awareness of invading microbes, creating a gentle inflammatory response rather than going through the process of a more debilitating response.

Inflammation is the only way the body can respond to cuts, bruises, toxins – an amazing immediate response generated by the intelligent body.

Knowing that the immunisation process will activate the immune system it is a healthy idea to support the immune system. Quite often we do not know when the immune system is going to be called on to work.

With the immunisation schedule you know when the immune system is going to be demanded to work.
In preparation for the onslaught on the immune system, Vitamin C and zinc are the guys to help the immune system. For nursing mothers increased regular supplementing may assist in developing the child’s reaction response. Placing a small amount of Vit c from one of the fruit powders for 2-3 days before and after the immunisation. Ask your medical practitioner for more advice
Both Chinese and Indian medicine have herbal mixtures to support the immune system. Your local pharmacist has Echinacea a well known herb for immune support.

Meridian System
The body has neurovascular points and meridian points which support the immune system.
Tap gently between the eyebrows to get more energy to the pituitary gland – the organising gland of the body.
Tap the point or general area under the armpit on the side of the body this is Spleen 21.
Tap the points under collar bones these are the Kidney 27s.
Tap the sternum which runs down the middle of the rib cage,as the Thymus is tucked away under there and the gentle tapping stimulates the thymus.
This can be done regularly and could be included in the bath bed routine.
If there are signs of distress and high fever the aim is to relieve the stress and support the temperature.
While a high temperature is an indicator that the immune system is working, sustained high temperature may need a health practitioners’ support. With any worries please seek immediate advice from your doctor.
Relax into a tepid bath with eucalyptus oil, massage with olive,hemp or avocado oil with essenial oils lavender and eucalyptus oil… there is an increasing body of evidence to avoid over the counter pain relief as there is some confusion over the side effects of these products in relation to the vaccines.
Recent research has identified a protein in wheat which is exactly the same structure as a pertussis molecule. Following vaccination the immune system is ready to attack this molecule. Eating wheat causes the same inflammatory response. This is a possible reason for reactions to immunisation.

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