Setting a good intention can be swayed by our life experiences and limiting belief patterns which have become the habits of our living. Those belief patterns that you actually know or feel are not right for you but you have got anyway from protective parents and criticising communities and all in those first seven years of your gifted and miraculous life.

So… Setting an intention to achieve a “thing” you want in life is not always that easy. when those niggly habit forming belief patterns keep popping up. To everyone else you look Ok, or maybe you look crazy…. either way we are all on the same spectrum of living life to our best.

The Intentional Health Program helps you to create changes in your life by:-
Identifying and releasing limiting belief patterns and creating new neural pathways in the brain for supportive belief patterns,
Resolving emotional conflict held in your body,
Aligning muscles to create a balanced posture to be able to move forward in the direction of your life
Connecting your body and mind to step into your “flow” so everyday is fully lived and appreciated.
Connecting your body with your body- sometimes we forget that our body is th only place we have to live..Thankyou Green Moustache

So everyday you have more energy to enjoy and thrive.
More energy to be empowered softly.

To be the gentle mentor for you family and friends.

Have a beautiful day. Thankyou x

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