Narelle Groat is a specialised Kinesiologist working from clinics in Toowoomba, Highfields and Moree

Kinesiology is about getting your energy flowing through your body. It is a non invasive method of locating stresses and blockages in your body and then using appropriate techniques to unblock the stress, increasing the amount of energy you have for living and learning.
Kinesiology therapy is a blend of of eastern and western healing modalities ……getting the body to do what it does naturally. This combination respects the ancient wisdom and modern progresses of health care. Give your body a kickstart, a gentle reminder to reconnect with your incredible innate healing ability and improve your energy levels to live a great life.

Are taking an active role in your health care?

Do you want to be more responsible for your health?

Are you looking for help with dyslexia or ADD?

Are you emotionally drained and need a little or lot of get up and go?

Do you have aches and pains that just don’t go away?

If you are wanting a more efficient immune system so you are functioning better to cope with the latest virus.

If you would like to identify foods and non foods that you may be sensitive or allergic to.

Could you be nicer to yourself and kinder to the world and feel like you are in the wrong place.

Narelle is an experienced Kinesiologist who has combined her wealth of teaching experience with the highly effective techniques to restore balance to the systems of the body, improving body mindfunction and your energy levels.
If you are not feeling the 100 % you would like to feel, kinesiology may assist to find out what is blocking you and help you develop a plan for greater quality of life.

These techniques include Neuro Organisational Technique, Emotional Stress Release, Dissolve Limiting Fears and Beliefs , Brain Formatting including the Enteric Nervous System- the other brain- which is your complete digestive system. Your body’s systems such as the nervous- with improved brain integration, muscular, digestive and endocrine systems work more efficiently. Ongoing support which you can include in your daily life is identified so that you have more conscious awareness giving you greater control of the direction of your life.

Develop an appreciation for food as the original medicine for our bodies, as deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can contribute to disease. Kinesiology can help to identify these deficiencies eg common deficiencies are zinc, magnesium, Vit B particulary B12.

Tune into the incredible awareness of your own body as to what it needs. Learn to trust yourself to do the right thing for yourself. Kinesiology helps you to be more self aware and self loving so that you can live a life filled with energy and positive beliefs.

To contact Narelle please phone 0746969742 or email

Interested in self hypnosis?

Hypnosis MP3s Powerful Hypnosis Messages

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