Balance in your Life

Do you want develop greater balance in your life?

Find ways of recognising and reducing stress in your life?

Narelle will work with you to create that balance and free up suppressed energies so you have energy to live.

Relationships, career, health, nutrition, beliefs and habits will change as you learn to recognise your individual stress signals and use simple techniques to move away from limitations.

Use Kinesiology to find out about what is stressing your body. If you are using your energy up for stress you have less energy to live. Living is what we are here for.

Kinesiology is a therapy which uses muscle testing so that the body can give you and the practitioner information about the stress that you have in your body. Any symptom or pain – physical, emotional or mental- you have, is an indicator that somewhere and for some reason your body is holding onto a stress reaction.

Muscle testing enables information from your unconscious mind to be accessed to find out what is actually contributing to your symptom. Rather than dressing a wound, whether it is a physical wound or mental or emotional, kinesiology works to find out the underlying causes so that healing is more effective.

A very popular application of kinesiology is with left right brain integration and activation of the frontal cortex  to improve learning. This does not just apply to school children but to everyone who finds that stress makes it difficult to complete tasks.

Easy kinesiology testing can identify foods that are good for you, belief patterns that don’t work for you. Everyone can do muscle testing to be able to make better decisions for a happier, healthy life. A kinesiology balance with a practitioner will work with deeper issues.

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