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Kinesiology is a way to work with your autonomic nervous system to reduce stress reactions and to identify emotional and mental stresses which put pressure on your immune system.

A healthy immune system is able to identify viruses and sets up a cascade of events to eliminate them.

You are not required to have a face to face appointment as a Kinesiology session is available over the phone or internet. Stay safe at home and work through your worries and concerns with a Kinesiology Session.

Kinesiology therapy is a blend of of eastern and western healing modalities ……getting the body to do what it does naturally. This combination respects the ancient wisdom and modern progresses of health care. Give your body a kickstart, a gentle reminder to reconnect with your incredible innate healing ability and improve your energy levels to live a great life.


Kinesiology is a non invasive method of locating and moving stresses and blockages in your body. Methods which tap into  your body’s own innate healing system and the plasticity of your brain to move the stress so you will experience greater energy for living and learning.

You know how magnificent your healing powers are when you accidently scratch yourself and your immune system is triggered immediately without any conscious request from you.
Kinesiology helps you to harness that same power for healing in all areas of your life – learning, emotions, physical pain, limiting belief patterns, habitual behaviour…

Kinesiology sessions are naturally individualised. We all react to stress in our own unique way. We all have different stresses, some learned limiting belief patterns from childhood, some inherited and carried in our DNA, some from living our life in the 21st Century.

The stress can present in many forms, injuries, depression, no energy, allergic reactions, constant illnesses, frustration and anger, inability to concentrate, difficulty with coordination etc.

A Kinesiology session will work with your priority stress at the moment to assist you to move your body onto its Line of Cure. Once on the body’s own line of cure your body is in a better position to heal and naturally work with your stresses.

Kinesiology works with different energy levels of the body’s energy systems so if you are unable to attend a clinic, consultations are available over the phone or skype.

Finding Support to help with Stress


To contact Narelle please phone 0437 347956

Session Costs $95  Introductory Package 3 visits for $235

Although Health Rebates are not available for Kinesiology please ask  about the Family Package Deals and Wellness Deals.

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